Case Studies with Companies

There are 69 combinations of Blue Growth e.g. Floating wind + wave energy. Maribe assessed what were the 24 most viable combinations.
From the 24, Maribe selected 9 Blue Growth combinations where it successfully matched companies that would cooperate with the project and provide regional information. Below are the projects, Company, details and final reports.

Studies Reports with Companies:

Video Link Report Link Companies Blue Economy Sector Sea Basin
A1 A1 Floating Power plant Floating Wind – Waves Energy Atlantic
 – A2 Cobra + Besmar + Asc Floating Wind – Aquaculture Atlantic
A3 A3 Grand Port Maritime de Guyane Floating Shipping Termal – Aquaculture Caribbean
B1 B1 Float Inc Floating Shipping – Waves Energy Atlantic
B2 B2 Wave Dragon + Seaweed energy Aquaculture – Waves Energy Atlantic
B4 B4 Albatern + ABT Aquaculture – Waves Energy Mediterranean
B5 B5 JJ Campbells and Associates Floating Wind – Waves Energy Atlantic
B6 B6 Mermaid Acquaculture – Fixed Wind Atlantic
B8 B8 EcoWindwater Desalination – Floating Wind Mediterranean