Companies case study summaries

Following the links of the videos for the studies with Companies:

Video Link Report Link Companies Blue Economy Sector Sea Basin
A1 A1 Floating Power plant Floating Wind – Waves Energy Atlantic
A2 A2 Cobra + Besmar Floating Wind – Aquaculture Atlantic
A3 A3 Grand Port Maritime de Guyane Floating Shipping Termal – Aquaculture Carribean
B1 B1 Float Inc Floating Shipping – Waves Energy Atlantic
B2 B2 Wave Dragon + Seaweed energy Aquaculture – Waves Energy Atlantic
B4 B4 Albatern + ABT Aquaculture – Waves Energy Mediterranean
B5 B5 JJ Cambells Floating Wind – Waves Energy Atlantic
B6 B6 Mermaid Acquaculture – Fixed Wind Atlantic
B8 B8 EcoWindater Desalination – Folating Wind Mediterranean