Floating Shipping Terminal + Aquaculture

Shipping & Aquacutlure

The projects with Companies that use this combination are:

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A3 Grand Port Maritime de Guyane Carribean

Grand Port Maritime de GyaneGrand Port Maritime de Guyane is developing a floating multi-use terminal.

The platform will serve three main sectors – shipping (container transfer hub), oil & gas logistics hub, and aquaculture support.

This facility will be located on the maritime cross route between from East to West, Central America and Western Africa, and from South to North, Brazil and Caribbean Islands.

The current ports on the coast of Guyana Shelf are all river ports and require regular, expensive dredging in order to accommodate modern container vessels. It will not be possible to extend this dredging programme to an extent that the new generation of Panamax container vessels can be hosted– thus the main driver behind the concept.

The location also has the added advantage of potentially serving most of the Guyana Shelf Oil & Gas production platforms and enabling offshore aquaculture in one of the most propitious area in the world.

The multi-use offshore platform architecture will be scalable and its structure will be constructed using multiple floating concrete modules.

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