Offshore wind + Desalination

Offshorewind & desalination

The projects with Companies that use this combination are:

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B8 EcoWindwater Mediterranean

This combination is a Multi-Use Platform (MUP) designed by Ecowindwater to address the scarcity of freshwater and energy commodities in identified domestic and global markets. The technologies deployed in a MUP include floating offshore wind and desalination able to deliver both fresh water and electricity in a dynamic configuration meeting customer needs including catering for seasonal fluctuations. The domestic market focuses around several Greek islands especially in the Cyclades complex that experience water stress during high tourism season and having to import fresh water to meet their needs. The global market stretches to other island locations in the Caribbean and Canaries but also to countries of the Middle East such as Yemen that face extremely high levels of water stress as underground aquifers are depleted and where water management is becoming increasing costly.

The floating platforms located within a few kilometers distance from the shore are independent of water depth. They can desalinate seawater at times of high wind resource which is transferred via water pipes to the islands and stored in existing drinking water storage tanks. While initially the wind turbines will focus simply to power the desalination process they can also export surplus electricity to the island grid via cable.

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