Stakeholder Engagement


Blue Growth picChallenge: Economic activities in Europe‘s seas and coasts are expected to intensify, diversify and expand further offshore…

The development of large scale activities offshore and in deep sea areas requires overcoming a series of technological and non-technological challenges and assessment of the most promising and sustainable business models.

One way to make use of our seas in a smarter, more sustainable and less disruptive manner is to combine different activities at sea on a same location … with multi-use offshore platforms.

Maribe Blue Growth Sectors

The MARIBE team will work with selected EU-funded consortia (particularly those involved in the Oceans of Tomorrow projects) to develop their cross-sectoral projects. It will also focus on additional sectoral combinations that present potential for synergistic collaboration. The MARIBE partners will work with stakeholders in these sectors to brokerage partnerships and to create action plans that will develop cooperation. By working with stakeholders, MARIBE will directly encourage cooperation and multi-use of space with a view to strengthening Blue Growth  sectors.