Minor Case Studies (with no Company)

There are 69 combinations of Blue Growth e.g. Floating wind + wave energy. Maribe assessed what were the 24 most viable combinations.
From the 24, Maribe selected 9 Blue Growth combinations where it successfully matched companies that would cooperate with the project and provide regional information.
See link for 9 cases studies. Of the remaining 15 best combinations from the list of 24, Maribe succeeded in completing 27 reports that explore the bussines case of the Blue Growth combinations, but specific to a certain Marine Sea Basin.

Maribe further split the reports into:
-11 detailed reports
-15 less detailed reports

Following some of Maribe’s Blue Growth research approved :

C reports: very detailed reports

Report Link Blue Economy Sector Sea Basin
C1 Aquaculture – Tourism Caribbean
C2 Desalination – Tourism Caribbean
C3 Aquaculture – Tourism in Tidal Lagoon Atlantic (Tidal Lagoon)
C4 Offshore Wind – Oil Gas Atlantic
C6 Aquaculture – Oil Gas Baltic/ North Sea
C7 Aquaculture –  Waves Energy Caribbean
C8 Aquaculture –  Tourism Mediterranean
C9 Aquaculture –  Tourism Baltic/ North Sea
C10 Offshore Mining – Fisheries Atlantic/ Mediterranean
C11 Aquaculture –  Biotechnology Atlantic

J reports: less detailed reports

Report Link Blue Economy Sector Sea Basin
J3 Tourism (Tidal Lagoon) Atlantic
J4 Aquaculture – Waves Energy – Offshore Wind Atlantic
J5 Aquaculture (Tidal Lagoon) Atlantic
J6 Wave and Offshore Wind
J9 Aquaculture – Waves Energy Mediterranean
J10 Aquaculture – Oil and Gas Mediterranean
J11 Aquaculture –Floating Wind – Biotechnology – Fixed wind Mediterranean
J12 Waves Energy – Oil and Gas Mediterranean
J13 Desalination – Tourism Mediterranean / Carribean
J14 Aquaculture – Offshore Wind Baltic / North Sea
J15 Waves Energy – Floating Wind Atlantic
J16 Aquaculture – Oil and Gas Carribean
J17 Aquaculture – Fisheries General