MARIBE Logo Icon  The Maribe Project simply explained on Youtube

mermaidlogoThe MERMAID Project – MERMAID will develop concepts for the next generation of offshore platforms which can be used for multiple purposes. The project does not envisage building new platforms, but will theoretically examine new concepts, such as combining structures for energy extraction, aquaculture and platform related transport

TROPOSThe TROPOS Project –  TROPOS is a European collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development, more specifically under the “Ocean of Tomorrow” call OCEAN 2011.1 – Multi-use offshore platforms. The TROPOS Project aims at developing a floating modular multi-use platform system for use in deep waters, with an initial geographic focus on the Mediterranean, Tropical and Sub-Tropical regions, but designed to be flexible enough so as to not be limited in geographic scope.

  • The H2Ocean Project –  Development of a wind-wave power open-sea platform equipped for hydrogen generation with support for multiple users of energy.
  • The Atlantic Action Plan – Provide guidance and proactive support for public and private organisations, research institutions and universities, institutional and private investors from the Atlantic region wishing to engage in the implementation of the European Atlantic Plan.

Marine-Institute_logoThe Marine Institute – Irish State agency responsible for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland. We provide scientific and technical advice to Government to help inform policy and to support the sustainable development of Ireland’s marine resource.

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 – University College Cork

MaREIMaREI – MaREI is a marine and energy-based research, development and innovation hub based in Ireland.

  • Horizon 2020  – The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
  • Horizon 2020 transport
  • TRIP – The Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP), formerly known as the Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC), is the one single portal for information on all transport research and innovation conducted at European and national levels
  • INEA – The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) is the successor of the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA), which was created by the European Commission in 2006 to manage the technical and financial implementation of its TEN-T programme.