Shipping & Wave Energy

Shipping & wave

The projects with Companies that use this combination are:

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B1 Float Inc Atlantic

Float Inc. Security PortFloat Inc. is working with MARIBE to develop their Float Inc. Security Port, composed of the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (modular, monolithic platform; stable; variable deck load capabilities; mobile, and extensible) which is constructed of pre-stressed reinforced concrete, and incorporates the Rho-Cee Wave Energy Converter as well as an LNG terminal for a baseload power source.  This multi-use platform is designed to serve as a central hub shipping and container terminal and using Rho-Cee Wave Energy Converter as a complementary renewable energy source for powering the platform and/or potentially export to the grid.  The primary business model element is the hub shipping and container terminal supplying a centralized hub for in/outbound container service for Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) currently under development. The favorable results expected are economies of scale, and reduction of the carbon footprint.  The anticipated location is off the south coast of Ireland, which is an ideal location for a central hub shipping and container terminal providing Short Sea Shipping re-distribution of in/outbound container traffic entering European waters.

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