Wave + Aquaculture

wave & aquaculture

The projects with Companies that use this combination are:

Report Link Companies Sea Basin
B2 Wave Dragon + Seaweed energy Atlantic
B4 Albatern + ABT Mediterranean

WavedragonWave Dragon, Seaweed Energy Solutions (SES) and BELLONA are working together on a combined wave and aquaculture project. This concept envisages an array of wave energy converters (WEC) of a design created by the Wave Dragon, combined with a seaweed farm. The seaweed farm will benefit from calmer water behind the devices, enabling them to be located in areas which would not normally be viable. During periods of rough seas, electricity from the WECs can be used to winch the seaweed farms lower into the water, protecting them from any ill-effects. Electricity from the WECs will be exported to the grid. The combination will benefit from an easier licencing process due to the multiple use of space, and there are expected to be synergies for installation, inspection and maintenance operations. The expected location of the pilot deployment is off the Welsh coast.

AquaBioTechAlbatern is developing a multiple use of space (MUS) project where its wave energy are installed in close proximity to the fish farm in locations up to 6km offshore. Albatern are working in collaboration with AquaBioTech Group – a Malta-based aquaculture consultancy company. The wave energy converters provide power for the energy needs of the offshore fish cages and also can support the renewable energy use of the coastal and land based facilities of the farm. The planned location of the pilot is off the coast of Malta. There is scope for expansion of the wave energy element which would enable export potential to the Maltese grid where electricity costs are high and the use of renewable energy is still low.

Contact person: Tamás Bardócz thb@aquabt.com

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